First AYSO Practice

Signed up to coach the U14 Boys soccer team for River Oaks AYSO.  Just got my roster and pumped to have our first practice and get a sense for where the kids are in the their progress and development.  I’m looking forward to picking a team name and plan on focusing on basic skill development to improve each player’s touch on the ball.  My goal is to have fun while teaching them 3 fundamental aspects of soccer.

1. Basic ball skills: dribbling, receiving passes, striking, etc.

2. Coordination off the ball: positioning, making timed runs, knowing where to go with the ball

3. Hustle: winning the ball means working when you don’t have it

To do this, we’ll be incorporating individual ball drills, piece-wise passing drills, and a continuous focus on positioning and physical fitness. I’ll be commenting on our team’s progress and depicting my coaching and strategy ideas weekly, so check back for more updates!