I remember my grandmother telling me about how when my grandfather was a boy he used to make money by going to the lumber yards and offering to clean up their sawdust and then turn around and resell it to the butchers who would use it as insulation when packaging the meat.

I thought that was pretty smart.  If you could turn garbage into money, I think that would be one of the best organizations out there.

It got me thinking.  If I could get some volunteers to help me, we could go around to local businesses and see what they were regularly throwing away in an attempt to increase recycling in the community.  And how cool is recycling??  It would be a win-win-win scenario.  The best business transactions are always triangles.

I mean think if we even found one connection like that where we could turn waste into savings for the buyer, funding for our cause, and savings for the people throwing it away since they wouldn’t have to pay someone to pick it up, it would generate a benefit to all, and make a lasting impact on the environment.

So I thought if I designed some cool t-shirts maybe I could recruit some help from some kind-hearted friends.

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